• Dare National Conferences 

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    • Dare Project Field Monitoring

    • Access to Higher Education International Perspectives‏

    • Erasmus+ Day 2016\17 - Israel

    • Dissemination of the Ideas of the EU International Project DARE in Georgia

      SSU conference April 2017

    • Georgian National Training at ISU on Learning Difficulties in Higher Education-- May 19, 2017

    • Inclusive Education in Higher Educational System

      SSU Ministry of Science and Ed dissemination event Sept

    • Presentation of DARE at the Forum of Heads of Accessibility Centers in Israel April 22nd 2018

    • Media and Informational sources for ethnic minorities in Georgia 30/01/2018

    • Georgian National Meeting, May 3, 2018: Dissemination: Policy Recommendations, Student Participation in CM, Posters

    • Israel National Meeting May, 15, 2018: Policy and Dissemination

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