• Dare Project - Working Visits

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    • EAN Training in Georgia: 21st – 23rd May 2018

    • EAN Training at Sokhumi State University 25th and 28th April 2017

    • Presentation of DARE at the Forum of Heads of Accessibility Centers in Israel April 22nd 2018

    • QA Field Monitoring Visit to Israel April 8-13

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      QA Field Monitoring Visit to Georgia March 11-17

    • Visit of EACEA at Haifa University

    • Visit of EACEA at Sapir Academic College

      Representatives and experts from the CBHE arrived at Sapir Academic College between the 5th-6th, 2016 to conduct a monitoring visit and learn about the entire history of international projects unit in Sapir Academic College, past and present. At the end of the visit, the CBHE representatives thanked Sapir Academic College for the delightful visit and promised to provide a report with conclusions and recommendations for the future.

      During the visit of the CBHE, key representatives from the DARE project in Sapir Academic College presented the DARE project, main outcomes of the project and a movie created to present the work of the accessibility center in Sapir Academic College (the video can be found in the stories section of the portal).

      • Haifa University visit to Masaryk University